Friday, November 28, 2008


The masses are bored.
So when a stressed out, tired, focused, somewhere scared NSG is carrying out crucial operations to rescue hostages and dispatch the terrorists to hell, they come out for an evening walk for a dose of entertainment. That way, atleast they're saving electricity by giving their sobbing soaps a sacrificial miss for a night. They gather and contribute to the confusion and chaos that only benefits the heartless terrorists.

I've always known that the masses are incapable of rational thought. But this is outrageous!
Get outta the way you fools! Go home! Leave us alone to do our work in peace! Go, get your fun at the theatres! Dull bodies with dull minds and even duller lives, out for some action.

Heard from someone that yesterday a curious couple, peeping out of a window near Nariman House were shot dead by terrorists. A perfect example of how 'curiosity killed the cat'! Yet, the common man will not learn. And when the bullet goes through his head, his peers will for eternity blame the commandos for their carelessness and inefficiency.

You utter idiots! Leave those poor men alone! Cowards can only watch from a distance and laugh. Go home, maybe your wives and husbands will give you some action tonight!


aparajita said...

Hey Ragini,
I spoke to my friend who was stuck on the streets on the night of 26th Nov. He knows the people who died near Nariman House, and attended the funeral. They were not peeping out trying to get a glance, but were trying to shut all the windows. The media has misreported a lot that went on. There were also those of his neighbours who took their kids out into the street, telling them 'chalo commando dekhne'. There is just no accounting for what people will and will not do.

Ragini said...

Appu, I'm sorry for that couple. It is indeed sad to be stuck in a situation like that and then to die because of it. However, as you say, there were people like that prancing about the street and they made my blood boil. I wonder why we have to be so stupid?

Corny name said...

Yeh, Apu's right. Met someone who lived in the building and they said the same thing.
But I get why you got mad... understandable.

Ragini said...

Hey Corny (do you really have a corny name?). The masses are idiots. And idiots exasperate me. That's all.
I guess we qualify as 'the masses' too. We aren't the smartest at times.

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