Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Rat that ran the Show

We moved into our cosy little room, relieved at its cleanliness. It wasn't sordid and mucky like the last. Thank heavens! It took a few hours to convert a freshly-painted lifeless room into our comfort lair, with every shade of colour under the sun flashing from all directions. I like colour. So does my companion.
The roof doesn't leak. So now I wouldn't have to wake up in the dead of the night just to realise how drenched I am. We don't have our darling mango tree outside our window anymore. But we could certainly do without the monkeys that sneaked in from that very tree. Maybe because we humans have left them no place to go, they hate us. I bear no ill feelings.
Cupboards arranged, mattresses settled, groceries in place, everything from soap to earrings had a home of its own.
The pleasant breeze found its way into our home, and decided to stay, much to our comfort. And then it came. A quick black flash of flesh, elusive yet bold, negligible yet making its presence felt. My roomie went into her usual paroxysm. Sigh! Times like these I wish I had a video camera. Up she jumped onto her bed, and screamed enough to give a banishee a complex. She even 'tried' to cry. After taking in such rare moments of amusement, I pick up my bamboo stick from the National Park and chased the godforsaken rodent out of the window. Once the paroxysm passed, she stop quivering and called up the whole world to recite her life-threatening experience.
The rascal returned that very night, detected by my roomie who happened to be sleeping on the mattress on the floor. The show repeated itself all over again. I couldn't believe this was happening!! Our clean, freshly-painted room and a rat in it!!! On top of that a hysterical roommate. I drove it out again, this must be some sort of a fun game for it, I'm sure. Closed the window shut and exchanged beds with the trembling gollywog on my bed.

And this was the escapade with the attention-starved rat who came to take a stroll in our room. Must be a PR manager in ratdom.

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Shreez said...

I have had a rat come into my house as well.. screaming like banshee at 4 in the morning... ah! good ol memories