Friday, August 01, 2008

Why so serious?

I could hear a pin drop,
That’s the kind of calm I’m inviting inside me.
They ask me, “Why so serious?” and laugh,
It’s a joke.
I see them all chuckling at me,
Their black eyes glinting like the blade,
Blood still dripping from it.
My blood.
That was all that remained to give.
Love was never enough.
You asked me why I smiled in my pain,
That’s coz you drew those bloodied upward curves,
To help me keep up the show
Of being jolly,
While I felt the blade pricking in my back all that time.
I ran away from it,
But it never left me
I still loved and feared losing,
I’d given so much, and still you turned away,
Monsters creep closer, their tentacles snaking towards me,
I am alone,
No matter how much I fought it.
Like the Samurais we admired,
Their swords standing tall in sure hands,
Don’t know when my sword fell,
When the metal appeared on the other side of my heart.
I’m gone.
Falling in a pit that grows darker as gravity carries me to the end.
You called me “piteous”
I called you friend.


push said...

Besides the batman connect, I love it.
"Don’t know when my sword fell,
When the metal appeared on the other side of my heart."
So swift and sure, your words.

Maryann said...

Extremely intense...very well written!

Ragini said...

Push: The Batman connect got woven in so smoothly. Every damn person on my list kept asking, "why so serious?" Well, I had no reason to smile, thats why. An answer to the late Heath Ledger and all my friends who call themselves "my friends." Sometimes I love the fact that there may be a storm raging within me, but I can manage to write still words, "swift and sure."

Anna: Thanx Anna. Thank you for reading and understanding the depth of it.

ClannZú said...

"Like the Samurais we admired" - Samurai Champloo.

Ragini said...

Clannzu: How did you guess I was talking about Samurai Champloo???

ClannZú said...

Ragini : How did I guess ? Simple...I know you better than you know me. :)

PS said...

Ragz... sharp as the blades, swords & the intensity of what u write! the Last few lines made me see the blood drip..drop by drop.. while the eyes wonder about the lost sword.. Really Really good!:)

Ragini said...

Clannzu: And how do you know me well? Have we met?

PS: Thank you Preeti Singh..I'm glad my intensity reached you. But think I should start writing something happier again. All my recent posts have been gloomy :)

Ragini said...

Clannzu: Vishal, quit leaving random comments on my blog and acting all mysterious and all.

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