Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot Water

You touch me with a thousand fingers, I sigh,
Desperate worry fast begins to die,
Vapour sails through many a jammed pore,
Far better than every before.

Addicted I am to you,
Like heated morning dew,
You make unfettered love to me,
No one guessed, so secretly.

You kiss my hair and change its shape,
So toxic but who wants escape?
Eyes drawn shut all the while,
Heavy lids, orgasmic smile.

Humbly surrendered to the overpowering element,
Willingly lost in this steamy covenant,
What plays behind closed door,
I promise you, no one will know.


push said...


Maryann said...

I love it, made me smile. I have a habit to visualize when I read and trust me I've tried very hard to not imagine you taking a shower! hehe ;)

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