Friday, November 28, 2008


Everyone's been glued to news channels for the last two days. It is very disturbing, the biggest crisis they say, since 911. Terrorists shooting innocent people randomly and blowing up stunning heritage buildings that make Bombay what it is. Are these men utter idiots or what??? Who gave them the gun in their hands and ask them to go fight for Islam? Is this about Islam anymore? And why do these dimwits presume themselves to be representatives of the whole Islamic world, out there to avenge (imaginary) ill-treatment meted out to Muslims??? And WHO are these Muslims they are warring for? The same ones they're shooting at indiscriminatingly? The world needs to stand up and applaud these skunks for proving that one can still live while using 0% of their brain power. They have surpassed all limits of tolerance and purpose.

In this hour, we need a powerful and prominent Muslim leader to stand up and yell out that THEY are NOT part of this! That they do NOT seek terrorist help for anything and that they have been living happily and peacefully in a country which is as much theirs as anybody else's. He needs to direct his words at the terrorist world and tell them that his people have a heart and a perfectly functioning mind, which does not justify murder at any cost. This leader needs to voice the feelings of a million Indian Muslims who have been sitting before their TV sets, united in their solidarity and grief for those affected by this frightening tragedy. This leader needs to stand up and speak now! I just pray he's out there somewhere.


Harsha said...

Well said..! These so called demented "jihadis" do not understand the meaning of jihad, which means an effort or endeavors against man's own self! Either way, it does not make any sense to randomly open fire and create mayhem and havoc killing the innocent! I am not sure about which Islamic leader can change the way these juveniles think!! Killing in the name of religion is never justified!

ClannZĂș said...

How do we rationalize with these terrorists ? Their beliefs are so deep-seated that there is just no getting through to them. Is violence the only way of dealing with them ? I don't know if that's the answer but I also know that they are so stuck in their misguided beliefs that you can't change them. All we can do is show others not to follow in their foot-steps and show them another way of living. Killing innocents for what you consider atrocities against your religion or your people is just not right. So, Ragini as you say, it's important for leaders to stand up and speak out against these acts. But for the bigger picture, I think we all need to make a concerted effort to bridge the gap between people. It will take a long time but it's something we must do. And maybe then we might be able to stop others from being brain-washed by these extremists.

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