Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life between Green Walls

The notes are flowing smooth and melodious. She's playing the guitar just like a man gently caresses a woman. It's 12:44 in the morning and we both have work tomorrow. But who cares??!! This is the moment to live in and we're living.
I sit on the floor, my window to this blog safely placed on the mattress that causes me great backache. I hate this mattress. It's one of those folding ones, which can be converted to a sofa during the day. Only thing is, we never convert. Who's got the time?
The breeze adds a heavenly touch to the small room which is actually meant for one person, with its green walls and Enid Blyton style green door.
The notes of 'O Mandy' soar high into the night. The song's addictive. Curious readers may check it out on YouTube. It's a superb example of creativity and originality.
I've to wake up at 7 am tomorrow morning, but I don't feel like sleeping. Slumber is so dull, and yet so necessary. Sigh!
The ceiling's white but.

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Jugal said...

I like the way you capture subtle nuances in this one. It has this inbuilt romance to it, i must've said this earlier somewhere, very poetic. I love: The ceiling's white but :)

Well, your He & She also talked about two distinct perspectives and somehow it did take me back to Armitage's poem.

> Man! You love writing novellas, don't you?
Did you love reading any of it? :) I'm looking for an answer to that question! And answering yours: yep, I quite enjoy writing fiction. Short stories and novellas. Though I'd like to take something longer into a novel soon.

About your rambling and buzzing mind these days:
WRITE! WRITE MORE! :) Will read for sure.