Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Going Away

The night was very silent. So was the day.
I laughed a lot, forgetting that I'm going away.
I smiled when the sun shone and my locks fell down.
Did I know that later tears would escape with a frown?
To hell with poetry and rhymne!!
I know you wanted me to cry!
Which is why you stabbed me and left me to die.
A gradual death, the taste of which you can taste.
Delicious it must be as you lick in haste.
Go away! All you masked serpents!
I know who you are, what you are!
Been hurt enough. No more.


push said...

masked serpents. whoa.
Damn neat.

push said...

:( i can get how u feel..
but i be waiting in delhi for you babay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ClannZĂș said...

Push...can you push Raghu back to Bombay. :(

Ragini said... sillies! I love you both!

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