Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going Away – 2

Tore away from those magnetic arms,
More soothing than all the balms,
Stuffed my little world in pouches and bags,
Picked my toothbrush, photographs and tags.

Sad eyes watch me as I run to gather,
Signs of me which they’d rather,
Keep now under our leaking roof,
Sorry for those days of acting aloof.

Tough to work with a heavy heart,
In spite of a busy mind quick as a dart,
Gobbling up the memories of all that was familiar,
Music, guitars, jamun tree, shoe rack and beer.

The coconut tree, my unfailing friend,
Tall and comforting till the end,
The parapet wall that held my weight,
While lazy Sunday lunches in a steel plate.

My “football field” where I danced and laughed,
Giving way to beliefs that I was daft,
The orange wall, the wall of art,
The images of all back home I’ll cart.

The hands that shirked now gloomily hold me,
The eyes that were casual moistly behold me,
The times our laughter touched the ceiling,
Our words reverberate with shaky feeling.

Goodybye my friends, I have to go now,
Dragging my heart away with a straight face somehow,
These times will never return that’s for sure,
But when I do, please open the door.


Babushka said...

Things sometimes end for better times to ensue. Or, things end to begin again with that new magic and sense of discovery. :)

push said...

Very well written!!
you write sooo well!

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