Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will he Wonky wonked out

Lit your way,
Cleared your clutter,
The junk was rotting,
You were relieved, happy even.
Me!! in a different light,
Took it modestly, never expecting it to last,
Careful, cautious, my toes touched the water,
Hmmm....warm, nice, bubbly,
Let go,
Not too much,
Just a little,
Warmth and magnetism.
Cumbersome magic.
The end.
My toes touch ice,
The change in your eyes, the distance,
I keep away,
Not to offend,
Your "space,"
Want it?
Take it.
Here, I throw it in your face!
Shut your doors, latch your windows,
Pull on the black blanket and disappear,
In your prism of excess and waste,
Of many who will be smitten,
While I disappear completely from your mind,
Lose me in them.
Maybe then you can forget.
And so can I.


Babushka said...

hmmmm... is this for who i think it is?
good anyway. if it's not yours to keep, you have all the right to throw it back. and hard. so it hurts.

Anna said...

Loved the comment you posted on Pushpanjali's blog post "The unhappy single". At times you just want to spend time with yourself and its annoying when people fail to understand that and think that you some kind of depressed loner.

push said...

"Not to offend,
Your "space,"
Want it?
Take it.
Here, I throw it in your face!"

Ragini said...

Babs: Throw back I did. People get so paranoid about personal space that they end up losing out on people who never intended to violate it in the first place.

Anna: Thanx Anna :) Didn't know you followed my comments to Push's blog...can't blame you though, the girl does write well.

Push: Thank you, thank you :)

Do sense this becoming a feminist blog?? Where are all the men? ;)

Crimson Feet said...

disconcerting and strong... blocks of emotions cemented!

i loved the seeming rhythmlessness and yet a hidden rhythm... in parts


Crimson Feet said...

i don't think i said it... but i really loved it!!!

Ragini said...

Crimson feet: Thanx. I'm happy that you loved it. Pain brings rhythm, different, but rhythm nevertheless.

Ragini said...

Crison Feet: Oh, by the way. If you haven't figured it already, its a sequel to 'Will he wonky'. Scroll down :)

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