Friday, June 27, 2008

To all those who I lost….because of you or because of me

I liked you guys
And I thought you liked me too
And things could’ve gone on well
But you chickened out
Got lost in the labyrinth
Weaved in and out at will
Left me standing in the rain
I went wrong too
Became a rug
Your shoeprints still linger
They say things happen for a reason, for the best too
So was this the best we could do?
I got tired
Some of you slipped away
For some, I opened my clenched fingers
And let fall
Into strangeness
We know each other no more
Memories tucked away in a musty corner
Familiarity paling like dissipating vapour
You found your way
I found mine
I wonder if they’ll ever intersect
And will I say ‘hi’ or will you slink into the crowd unnoticed
Will I glance at you steely and walk off
Or will you come running forward to shake my hand

Till then
I liked you before, then hated your existence.
But now
I’m cold
To your presence on this planet
My mind does not trace your movements anymore
You may become the Prime Minister in a few years
I might vote for you
Or I might not
My doors were open for a little while
Inching towards closure
Now they’re shut
Gigantic, black doors.


push said...

"They say things happen for a reason, for the best too
So was this the best we could do?"

They come to go. Fade and evaporate. just another face. Delete their numbers once in awhile. Feels good.

I was in Mumbai just the other day. Finished off with all my work, had nothing to do. Strolled about in colaba. I come there often on business trips. I was wondering abt you, Messaged diki asking him for your number, he didnt respond. strange.
Anyway,are u on facebook or something? Would love to meet u when I'm in ur city!

Ragini said...

Gosh! That ass is most unreliable! He's the last person in the world to ask my number from for vague reasons which we shall discuss later.
Can't believe you were in my city!! Why didn't you inform me on mail or on the blog earlier?? Will mail you my number on your green pigeon id.

These people may be beautiful. But for what they've become to us, they appear ugly! Our experience with them taints them, spoils them... or perhps, reveals just how hollow they are, how unworthy they are.
Such people can never understand unconditional love and friendship and its a pity. They missed out on me :)

push said...

"They missed out on me :)"

You say the most amazing friends have been going on about how much they like to see ur comments on their blog! :P

push said...
add me on ur gtalk, when you can.

Maryann said...

Loved it!!

Ragini said...

Push: Sometimes, pain makes you write so well. I cannot take full credit for it.

Mary: Thanx. Do keep reading.

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