Wednesday, May 28, 2008

People are sick

People are sick,
They deserve a roundhouse kick,
On their sneaky, filthy asses,
And painful, itchy rashes!
Their own business they will never mind,
My privacy to the dust they'll grind,
And disappear leaving no trace,
All they leave behind is unrest, disgrace.
Alternative activities for them I will search,
So later I'm not left in the lurch,
Some evil pleasure they derive,
In eating people alive!
In hell will they burn and singe,
While I lean back and enjoy the binge,
Keep your nasty, malicious eyes off my back,
Or your head will end up with a crack!


clueless comrades said...

I guess uve restarted the taekwondo classes..


Babushka said...

i hope the anger/irritation has subsided. i feel like saying lol.

push said...

YEAH! show them what u got! fucking bastards is what they are!
how's the band going? post another song on youtube! :P

Ragini said...

D: I'm still to restart taekwondo. When I do, you've had it from me ;)

Babs: Laugh all you want :)

Push: I don't care about these bastards anymore. They don't figure anywhere in my life. We don't really have a formal band or anything. Just randomly jam up. In fact, I'm learning 'Believer' myself on the guitar and it gives me a kick everytime I play it :) In fact, my figertips are sore right now, but it feels awesome! Am wondering, when I come back to Delhi, who the hell am gonna jam up with!!! It feels like I know nobody there anymore.

push said...

Hey :) that's awesome! when do you come down to Delhi? You know me. I know my guitar, I also know my band. It would be great to introduce you to them! :P Besides, I have some of my own songs I need innovative percussion with!! When are you coming?

p.s. Was standing at the passport office. Such crazy babu-dom. they make people wait for upto 10 hours in line. I nearly died. It pissed me off so much when I realised they could saved all that precious time by just calling out the names of people whose passports were ready..
Kept thinking about this piece of yours whilst I was there. They really don't care, Can't imagine how they sleep at night.

Ragini said...

Awesome! You could actually apply my writing to your real life situation...feels good. Our system sucks...I guess I'll have to go through the same thing when I apply for my passport. I think they take sleeping pills at night ;)

You have a band??????? Wow!! How many people? And what all do they play? This is simply great. I'm coming back home for good for sometime, this December. But a trip is on the charts in second half of September and early October, birthday month in my family. I'll have to brush up on my beats and practise a lot to give you some good stuff. Can't spoil your songs with mediocre beats. Am all excited now!!

push said...

hehe i did have a band. we used to jam regularly. but then i got heavily into my work so now we're reduced to a bunch of people who jam once in awhile! but it is a band, nevertheless. we're about four people- bass, drums, lead and rhythm and i'm the vocalist.

you must meet me.. cant wait to see you! i'm sure we can make some good music, even if its just us! :P you gunna have a good time in delhi, i'll ensure that!

Ragini said...

Hey great! I'm looking foward to meeting you also! And creating some music too! :)
Coming back to Delhi will be quite a different experience. Things would've changed, my perception, the people, my rapport with them. Only my dogs would be the same :)

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