Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Will he wonky
Crazy and wild,
Not more than a child,
Racing on his two-wheeler,
Relax! No one's a snake dealer,
Jet black locks bobbing in the breeze,
You wanna close my hand in a squeeze,
You say what's on your mind,
Whether its evil, mischievous or kind,
A free heart, a notorious daredevil,
Take my heart,
O notorious daredevil,
Take me for a ride into the night,
I wanna get lost in you.


push said...

Hahaha! I adore the title! Willy Wonka.. god i love Roald Dahl!

"You say what's on your mind,
Whether its evil, mischievous or kind,"
So true, so unbelievably true! And dont you just love that? He says what's on his mind!
Such basic traits one desires...

Ragini said...

But my title is 'Will he Wonky' and got nothing to do with Dahl :(
It's all gotta do with the wonky guy in the poem.

Oh yes, I love guys who say it out. They're reckless and natural and so simple somewhere deep inside. This one is for someone I recently got to know :)

Babushka said...

i'm sure the someone you got to know is much better than the resemblance i am just going to bring to your notice - the guy resembles abhishek bachchan!!!!

push said...

heheh aw, i know that! its just that it reminded me of willy wonka. good play of words!

hope the someone you've met has these traits! :P

did u check my comment on pricking me with your needle?

Ragini said...

Babs: Hahahahahahaha....I'm open to interpretations and perceptions....hahahahaha.....but I DO know somebody like this. He inspired me to write it. I'm not much for AB, so won't take it as a compliment to the poor fella.

Push: This someone is far far harder to understand than the simple outline I've placed in ochre words. Words are so much simpler than the person himself. He may never know that these words were written for him, but what the heck! I just felt like writing them and I did :)

I did check your comment and commented to that too. See.

push said...

On the top of your page click CUSTOMIZE>you'll get your "NavBar", where you'll see the layout of your blog.
go onto the header there and click on "edit".
you'll get a picture option. Select 'behind title and description' and there you go!

Ragini said...

Thanx Push. Got it! The new look for my blog!!! :D

PS said...

I wanna go on a ride with this Wonked out guy.. plzzz!:)

Ragini said...

PS: Lemme go first, then you can take him :) The Rajputs can share their men ;)

push said...

Kickass! i loved music believer! heheh what were u using as percussion tools? i couldnt see it clearly! damn neat!

Ragini said...

Push, I was using a spiral notebook and plastic Kingfisher airlines bottle as my drums and my faithful drumsticks to beat the crap outta them. Amazingly, I didn't disfigure them.
Am glad you liked the song :) It's Aashruti's original composition.

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