Friday, June 15, 2007

Feelin' Random

Sometimes I feel so random in life. I randomly end up doing and saying things that aren't for the greater cause but just for the sake of their existence.

I meet a lotta randoms everyday, but then they're figures I wouldn't really wanna be associated with, coz they're more random than I am, in fact in a worse way.

So while randoming about the place, I sometimes randomly think about life and it's whole purpose. Then these randoms stop and interrupt me and i'm forced to make some random conversation with them. I feel sorry at their 'randomness' coz they lack too much purpose in life.

And then I introspect again, watching the world whizzing past, all participants of the rat race for money. I stop. Time freezes for me. I sigh. I smile to myself. And then I lie back again by the sea thinking to myself, "It feels good to be a Random."

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Jugal said...

May be this was just a very stream of consciousness ramble... but I have a soft spot for the concept of randomness and chaos :) You've dealt quite poetically with it... of course it wouldn't come under great writing but just a cool thought :)

Also, I'm glad you like the way I write. That was generous of you :) *takes a bow*

I loved reading your Him and She pieces. I dunno if you take your writing seriously but if you do (or even if you don't) please polish them up :)

They also ended up reminding me of one of my all time favourite poems (which I heard the poet recite this January), it's called "You're beautiful" by Simon Armitage. I just looked for a link to it on web after I read your pieces.
You're beautiful - Simon Armitage

Keep writing :)

P.S.: keep reading my stuff too ;) :P