Friday, August 24, 2007

Colour me Everything!

Fluorescent green socks, orange bed cover, multi-coloured checkered blanket, green knap-sack, a red one too, purple nightclothes, maroon towel, orange rain sandals, blue sneakers, green room, pink bucket, yellow umbrella, a mutli-coloured one too, green mugs, violet doormat, a wardrobe resembling a million rainbows.

Vibgyor ought to be my second name.


Babushka said...

and happiness your raincoat... :)
i see just happiness :)

Ragini said...

Colours make me happy :) Do they have the same effect on you?

Babushka said...

yeah... definitely... apart from being scientifically proved by psychology, colours make me
happy happy happyyyyy :) :)

and that's probably why you'll find a big box of pastel crayons lying untouched in my drawer... :D