Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who said we're "Independent" ???

If I got a chance to be a freedom fighter, I'd take the job on. We have a serious problem. And this time, the enemy isn't even flesh and blood, it's invisible. Most people can't see it. They don't even realise that it exists, even if it's staring them blatantly in the face.

The enemy has many faces. It is clever, as it is destructive. It lurks in the darkness when it wants to and comes out into the sunshine when desires. Things can't get more fatal than that.

I cannot put together a visual description for others to see what I see. But I can try.

Today is Independence Day. We've completed 60 long years of being able to 'choose' for ourselves. I walked out of home in colours of the flag, expecting to smell celebration in the air. I think I expected too much. The day looked bland, blander than usual. The streets were the same, the people seemed busy, the cars still honked at those who live life more slowly. I saw no posters, no music, no streamers. Nothing!

But why is it that days like Valentine's Day, Friendship Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day and the million other 'Days' are celebrated with more pomp and excitement?? What do we know about the origin of these 'Days'? Most of us would go blank if asked.

But we do know why we celebrate Independence Day on August 15 (unless you're a hopeless West-aping mutant). We know that people gave up blood and lives for the air we breathe today, which we fill up with smoke. We know that people endured torture for the ground we walk on so freely, and pee and spit on. We know that people gave up their sons and daughters so that we wouldn't have to sit in the 'under dog section' at theatres, buses and trains.

We KNOW. And yet we take no pride.

I feel ashamed. So ashamed.

We've lost focus and it's all the enemy's doing. Who is this enemy? Is it Westernisation? Commercialisation? Consumerism?

I think more than anything else, it's indifference. And for those who don't feel anything any more, believe me when I say this - I feel sorry for you.

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Jugal said...

I'd say Human Greed. Hence borderline consumerism :) a dash of capitalism and corruption - tada! Your answer is ready! :)

I guess now the battle isn't about what to save or what to protect... it's gone beyond that. Now it's more about how many people can you turn into genuine humans, open their eyes and stop their machination. But now I'll take your tip.
(Quote: It's wise never to ramble too much to a person. I may give away more of myself than I intend to.) ;D

And also I think this post of yours answers a question you posed: "But wouldn't it be lovely to never have to be cautious and wise? To just be innocent and dumb?" Then how do you choose? :)