Monday, April 30, 2007


He holds out his hand towards me and ain’t ashamed to do so.
He leans on my shoulder and cries his heart out when he can’t bear it anymore.
He fears a lot, yet fights it like a man.
Everyday with me is different, every moment indelible.
He never tires of me, stability is his charm.
He never hesitates to touch me, whenever, wherever, certain in the belief, that I am his.
When he pulls me closer, I see a strange combination of passion and tenderness.
When he kisses me, he thinks of love.
His eyes are brave, never faltering, they pour out the truth.
He knows not the depth of his love and neither do I.
We sit together, silent for hours, yet speaking more than words can convey.
He dances with a pretty girl, I look on, smilingly. He wants only me. I know.
With me, he’s a child. Innocent. Unassuming. Simple. Opens his door to me freely.
He’s free. Free of vanity, of fears, of spite. He’s free.
He never lets my hand hang alone when walking down the street. His fingers wrap themselves around mine, telling me, “You mean the world to me, and nothing shall harm you.”
When I wake up in the morning, I find his arms nestling me, warm and strong.
He’s crazy. Absolutely insane. But his wild antics make me smile and blush.
Whenever I find a mad thing to do, he’s my partner in it. We’re reckless.
He never feels embarrassed by my presence when his friends are around. In fact, he feels proud that he’s with me and has no qualms in showing it.
Even in a crowd, his eyes single me out and stick to me, watching me as I interact with the outer world.
He knows what and who he is, which is why it’s so simple for him to be him.
He thinks I’m beautiful. I have no words to describe him.
We’re friends, we’re lovers, we’re soul-mates, we’re just two individuals who can’t get enough of each other.

What the human heart desires, the mind paints……….


Babushka said...

"What the human heart desires, the mind paints………."

and soon you shall embrace.

neha_m1 said...

Does such a "He" exist ?

Ragini said...

I hope 'he' exists :)

nm said...

Hope.... (:
you are a crazy dreamer...... the funny part is....
I hope "he" exists too ;)