Monday, April 09, 2007

She lives on Venus.
She’s one of them. Their culture, their language, their trends, their attitude – it’s now all hers too. When she threads through the busy streets, she blends with the colours of the land. Yet, in a unique way, she stands out. Life sails on smoothly with some inevitable rough patches here and there.

And then, it’s time to fly back home to Pluto, the lands of her roots, her birth, her adolescence. Whether her land of death, one never can say. Love, warmth, care, love. An incessant flow.
And then it’s all put to test when two different cultures cross each other like strangers on the same path walking in opposite directions. Friction is born.
They don’t approve of the liberty she takes to be herself. She doesn’t care about what others would think if she wore a sleeveless dress. She doesn’t refrain from speaking her mind. That’s the way she is on Venus. It just comes so naturally.
But then, what comes naturally isn’t acceptable. You gotta tweak it till it suits everyone else. And the real you, is lost somewhere below those layers of modifications and compromises.

So, does she devise a plan to develop a split personality, to keep everyone happy? She could be someone else on Pluto and someone entirely different on Venus. Wouldn’t that be convenient?
Ha! They wish!


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