Saturday, May 05, 2007


Is being old 'uncool'?

The times have been numerous when I've found birthday boys and girls of my age and above sound 'not so cheerful' on the very day they were born. When I ask, "so what're you doing to celebrate?" the usual response goes like this,

"What's to celebrate ya? I'm too old to do all these things. Till school it was alright.........blah....blah.....blah."

I must admit that it kinda annoys me. Just because we're growing old, it doesn't make our lives less special. The fact that we still have the good fortune to wake up to a new day ought to be reason enough to celebrate. And why is age even a consideration, when it comes to celebrate the fact that you've lived one more year, that you've had a chance to experience so many beautiful things. THAT YOU'RE NOT 6 FEET UNDER THE GROUND!

It'll be cool to throw a funky birthday party when I'm 40. I hope I live to be 40.


clueless comrades said...

Thats the spirit!!


Ragini said...

It is D.