Friday, October 20, 2006

"Home, when my thought's escaping home; when my music's playing home; when my love lies waiting silently for me......." is what my heart's been humming for the past one week. The actual journey home seemed a distant phenomenon.
Now I am home. There is no place like home, there really isn't. You may travel the seven seas, to the other ends of the earth, to the moon, to Mars, but home still occupies that special seat in your heart.
This is perhaps because an individual is himself at home. It is a space where he/she has trekked through childhood, puberty, teens and a confused state of adulthood. When you go out into the big bad world, it is imperative for you to conceal a bit of what you are, to assume many qualities that may inherently not be yours. And these are the qualities you leave behind as you stand at the doorstep of your home and ring the bell, yearning to be let in.
Of course, not to forget the fringe benefits of a well-stocked refrigerator, a washing machine and a much desired microwave oven.

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Anna said...

So very true!!!