Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is it not exasperating when you write something down on this blog page after much thought and analysis and it gets deleted???
Times like these you wish 'technology' was a person and you could strangle him. Good were those old days of plain ol' parchment and quill.
Sometimes I wish I could return to that epoch. But sometimes I don't.

I'm not a techno/gadget freak. I use some, but I can survive without them. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, stranded between the haters of modern technology and the freaks.

There are times when I love to leave the whole world behind to unite with nature. Being a recluse can be quite a pleasant experience. Like 'Hide-Out' (a farm located in natue's lap, and the venue for our outdoor photo shoot), it was beautiful. No cellphone network, no calls, no worries, no traffic, no pollution. It was smashing!!

And this time, I shall save this text elsewhere, just in case the (blasted) blog network decides to act smart with me again!

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