Thursday, September 28, 2006


I've come across a few individuals recently who shake in their shoes at the mention of 'love'.

I agree it is sweet poison, a force so powerfully dangerous that it can either make you absolutely defenseless and vunerable to pain, or suspend all commom sense. Being in love isn't a comfortable position. You end up thinking about the person in class, at the grocers, in the shower, while walking back home, sometimes even in the middle of an exam. A strange, slight pain throbs in your heart. Love creeps into your life, seizes your mind and becomes master of your thoughts and actions, which under normal circumstances may appear silly.

BUT there's no feeling on earth like 'love'. It adds some spunk to life, that extra bounce to your step, that perpetual smile for no particular reason at all. It makes you feel happy nearly all the time. It's fun to be in love, and in a committment. Feels good to have someone looking foward to YOU, to be wanted and desired.

Inspite of all the heartburn and bitterness that the love causes, people don't stop loving. You 'cannot' stop loving or start evading love. When it comes to you, why take the futile trouble of running away, when you know you're going to come right back to the point you started from.

Love isn't the monster we make it out to be. So my friends, be wise. Jump down that well and RISE in love!!

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fighting destiny.... said...

contradictions my dear.....but then i am sure love as an emotion allows everything...
i like the way u ask us to rise in love but well wont you rise after u fall first;)