Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Understanding Women

There is not a task more uphill than understanding women. I am a woman and I admit it.
Most times, I struggle to understand myself. And it is not surprising considering that spontaneous, reckless people seldom follow the same pattern. You never know what you're going to do next when you're in that zone.

The mind works in strange ways, the mysteries of which has and can never be solved. It's not that we are indecisive. That would be oversimplifying it. It goes deeper than that and just how deep, nobody knows. If you throw a stone into the pool of a woman's mind, you will not hear the splash, leaving you to wonder just how deep it goes.

We are never one person. Never. Some days we are honey and sugar and others, we can make you cry. There are hours of fear and then of courage and boldness. We fight, we make up. We fight, we make up. And we do both with an equal rigour. Complicated yes?

Flashes of thoughts, picture memories, decisions, resolutions, quiet reflections - can all co-exist together at the same time. Yes, this is humanely possible. We do it every day.

I empathize with men. Most expectations of understanding their women are laid at their door. Men are built differently. Their thought processes, behavioural patterns and actions differ from women, and since they are well versed with their own ways alone, some times they find it excruciating to put themselves in a pair of peep toes heels and walk through a woman's mind with the bleak hope of getting it right.

Perhaps some things are better left unexplained and not understood. Maybe that makes a woman's journey more intriguing, the 'not knowing'. Our quick minds can process information and analyse thoughts at top speed and even the computers of today are no match. Our brains have superpowers and scarcely do we realise it.

And just like a free spirited superhero, our minds will never follow a straight drawn line. There will be swivels, swooshes, deep dives, high rises and a tangled path of smoke behind us.

And just like a superhero, a woman's mind will never be conquered.    


sourabh gupta said...
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sourabh gupta said...
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