Monday, February 16, 2015

Relationships! Bah humbug!

They can drive anybody batty. Fighting in a war, walking on hot coal, jumping off the thirteenth floor, climbing two hundred stairs and battling jaundice - all come second and so on, on the list of most difficult things to survive.

You want it, yet you loathe it at times, which leaves you feeling increasingly confused with what you want in life. Since there are two sides to every story, and two strong arguments to present in the court it gets muddled up even further. One never knows who was right or who was wrong. It becomes a battle for correctness, for superior judgement and virtue - but it results in a drawing room through which a herd of elephants have just passed.

You want it, you don't want it. You want it, you don't want it. And it goes on. It is a terrible plight to be in, and takes up way too much time in the super busy lives that we lead. There is less time for relationships, and far less for arguments and unnecessary conflict. Well, all conflict is unnecessary. Perhaps we will understand this someday.

Even this post is so confused. Point proved.