Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No means no

When does a 'no' really mean a 'no'?
Is it the tone of voice that betrays or the glint in the eye? Or perhaps the softness in the face?
Can one be soft and still say 'no'?

Saying 'No!' has been a problem for sometime. That tendency to drift between 'no' and 'yes' sounds so familiar. Indecision. A conflict between good sense and frivolousness. You want it but you don't want it, yet you want it. Caught up in this garbled fog the word tumbles out clumsily - "no". Left to wonder what it really means.

Sometimes the intention is clear. 'No' means 'no', and that's it. It comes out with a hiss, and they slither away. No jokes, no play. Take the hint and go away.

Other times, you get carried away and never know when to say 'no' till it's too late. Left to pick up the shreds of your self respect. Cursing.

It takes courage. And knowing one's mind. They work together. What also helps is a carefree disregard of the intruder. If it is a persistent one, throw a big fat dictionary with the word 'no' marked in red. That ought to settle it. Sorry to disappoint you, but 'no' really does means 'no.