Thursday, October 29, 2009

Forgetting in the Dark

A pin drops in the silence of the soul,

Nothing stirs.

That music which stopped playing then, still doesn't play.

It probably will one day.

Till then, a long stretch of lonesome quiet.

Sounds in the head, pricking memories.

Echoes of forgotten laughter. And raised voices.

A voice so far away.

Quivering promises, raped and lifeless.

Flashes of a face in the endless distance.

A hopeful step forward.

A doubtful step backward.

A hopeful step forward.

A doubtful step backward.

Till hope is slaughtered in its sleep.

It is hard to forget love.

It is harder when love forgets you...


Push said...

feel like hugging you....

Ragini said...

Then hug na!!

Carnal Buddha said...

Sad but very exactly and beautifully described. Hope the music will play again.

Ragini said...

Thanks Carnal Buddha. I hope it plays again too. Do I know you from somewhere?

Carnal Buddha said...

Relatively new on the blogging scene. Chanced upon your blog and keep coming back to it again. Emotional but realistic thoughts and expressions penned down so beautifully.

Vandana said...

Love never forgets you....WE just forget to remember

netra said...

Absolutely Poignant!
But yea, as you said...'Take that hopeful step forward' :)

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