Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Chatter chatter chatter,

Clip, toing, patter,

Boing, dushhhh, batter,

Laugh, chuckle, chatter.

Scream, squeak, screech,

Tinkle, buzzzz, speech,

Whizzz, mumble, phiiish,

Grumble, fumble, screech.

Flap, drop, drone,

Clap, whistle, moan,

Whimper, whisper, groan,

Bammmm, slam, drone.

Fill every crevice of the day,

Until it’s time to snuggle into the blackness,

With a heavy heart, where music plays no more.


Push said...

awww noo thats not true, the music plays, but you're asleep!

R said...

This post is musical and I love it.

Ragini said...

Push: It's true. The music doesn't play anymore.
R: Thanks. And I'm glad.

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