Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pricking me with your Needle
You want to kill me.
I felt it in your tone, though the mask betrayed you not.
I suspected nothing.
Gently you kissed me.
I winced as the needle danced into my skin.
Pleasure. Pleasure was yours.
Your eye watered. I caught myself in it.
You pulled it out.
I winced again.
You smiled the smile I loved once.
You sat and watched me die.


push said...
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push said...

"You smiled the smile I loved once.
You sat and watched me die."

This line just freaks me out. you have no idea HOW much i can relate to this!

push said...

push said...

I'm smiling. your comment was heartening. :) and even more heartening to find my blog link on your page. you feature in my blog too!

Yes, I've often wondered where does one draw the line. How much do you reveal, how much do you conceal...its crazy.
i've found myself worrying over the fact that if the man just happens to find out that i'm as innocent as a lamb, (and he likes lamb chops) I'm dead meat.

:) But you cant wear as mask all your life. women like us cant. we just happen to be open and expressive, and value honesty. the trick is, (not that i've ever got it entirely right) is to get the right person, who wont lose interest when he figures out he can affect us, who knows that he has a certain amount of power but will not misuse it. Love is about selflessness, but sadly people don't understand it at all..

Ragini said...

Push, I love what you write, so of course you had to figure on my page!!

It gladdens my heart to know that you can relate to some of the things I write. Very few can. I never spell out everything nor do I wrap it up in obscurity, leaving people to read and decipher. Of course, knowing me as the person that I am helps a lot.

The right person is so hard to find. After kissing a few frogs, the prince hasn't appeared yet...and what scares the hell outta me is, what if he never does??
Lines in relationships are so thin and sharp like edges of a blade. If you ram into them blindly, you end up bleeding. To keep going straight is so so tough...sometimes I feel relieved that I'm single and spared.

No, women like us cannot wear masks. We're too accustomed and comfortable being ourselves. And if a man cannot take that, then he can go suck an egg.
And there are indeed very few, as you said who'll be aware of their power over us and yet not misuse it. That takes strength of mind, character and substance. And maturity.

Thanx for your comments. Love reading them :)

push said...

:D i'm so happy ! i love reading what you write and your comments! i actually look forward to them!

Believe me, a person like you will never be alone! you shouldn't even worry when you kiss all these froggies, cause they're there just to show you how to recognize what you dont like. they're there to help you grow and learn. Prince charming will make his grand appearance, he just will, even if you're too tied up with your own life and dont want him at all! (that happens too!)

"And if a man cannot take that, then he can go suck an egg."
HAHAHAHAH! you made me laugh for 3 minutes because of that tiny sentence!

Ragini said... made me laugh too!
You're right. He'll saunter into my life someday and I won't even realise it. I'll prolly empty a bucket of soapy water on his head the first time I see him. I'm quite capable.

Keep writing and keep reading.