Friday, June 15, 2007


1) Never say 'no' to ice cream.

2) Never get involved with a married man.

3) Never make out with a friend's boyfriend, especially one who is dangerously immoral & wild.

4) Never try to be someone you're not, unless you're onstage.

5) Never allow others to get you drunk.

6) Never trust someone your instinct fails to warm up to.

7) Never let sex dominate your relationship.

8) Never need anyone.

9) Never marry till you're absolutely ready to junp down the well.

10) Never wear a deep necked dress when you're changing the tyre.


clueless comrades said...

How abt..Never say never again..
Cliched but effective


Ragini said...

You seem to have a strange affinity to cliches sweetie.