Saturday, December 09, 2006


When I try to jog my mind back to last week, it gets stuck and begs me to stop. It refuses to go through those streets again, those memories of truckloads of assignments, unrealistic deadlines, 15 hours of disturbed sleep in 72 hours, backache, tired eyes, writer's block, warped eating cycle, mugs of tea and hot water to keep us awake, and marathons to college with my heavy laptop slung around my sore shoulder, racing against time to be in class for attendance. It's been a rollercoaster ride this last week and schedules and workloads don't seem to be getting any lighter. There were times when I nearly gave up, sat back and considered what would happen if I failed, shuddered at the thought and returned to the grind. There were times when I laughed at our situation and told my roomie, "Gowri, if we can pull through this, we can handle ANYTHING in life."
And anyway, this rat race seems crazy, but it isn't impossible to win. And win we shall.

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