Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The insidious enemy

She struck again last night. 
Her horrible face flashed in the lightning and disappeared in spurts.
What did she want? What was she after this time?
The same, the same.
Her motives never change, she never evolves.
Pain, misery, loss, dejection - all for her sister,
Her bright, happy sister whose laughter can lighten up a cloudy day.
We thought she was dead, never to destroy again.
But she crept up and uncorked a bottle of sweet smelling poison.
He lay unsuspecting, smiling with loving thoughts and words,
Eyes filled with her pretty face, head resounding with her songs.
Until she stuck the dagger into his side, slowly.
An evil relish, some dark laughter.
While the good sister screamed to be let out to rescue him.
But once again, she stepped out too late,
To catch the pieces in her hand. 

But you know what, bitch??!
She's gonna be ready for you next time. 
No more goody girl, no more helpless pleading.
Next time, you're dead.
Because for him, she will pick up the sword.