Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bad Girlfriend

You won't even know when she takes over,
Kicking the sweet, unassuming girl out of the room.
She'll march around, restless, unhappy, angry...always,
Pouncing on petty objects,
Bouncing off bitter words,

And while the sweet girl knocks frantically on the door, begging to be let in,
To save love, to restore peace, to secure the last shreds of happiness,
The bad one laughs in petulance,
Eyes gleaming with childish arrogance,
Till she destroys it all.

Struts out with her crimson cape flying behind her,
The sweet girl rushes in alarm on the scene,
And as she kneels before the ashes,
Tears abundant and painful,
A deep remorse sets in, which she carries to her grave....  

Mending and pasting the shreds to make it stand again,
Tears gluing them together,
She makes it stand, searching hopefully for signs of life,
But it remains silent, gloomy and lifeless,
Never to breathe the same love that helped it stand before.