Saturday, October 08, 2011


I meet it often. Sometimes, when I'm going for the fifth round of the maidan or when I push myself down while doing a full leg split. I meet it often in class, where no matter how much I try, I mess up my movements and hence my focus. It's there when I attempt a second pirouette, sometimes even the first. I meet it on the staircase, on the weighing scale, at the 'medium' section in a store, at school when see others flying around, so light and agile. So perfect.

I even meet it at work; my list of deadlines noted meticulously in my notebook speak loudly of it. I feel it's presence in relationships, those that were and could be. It's always there, stalking me, passing me by in the street in the rain or cruel heat.

But stepping back and looking through different glasses, one thing stands out in all my fated rendezvous with it. At least I tried.


JiN said...

Very interesting. I am right there with you. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of the dejected feeling. But if it weren't for some failure, we'd never have success. Really enjoyed reading.

Ragini said...

Thanks Jin!
Keep reading :-)

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