Tuesday, January 04, 2011

He loves me...he loves me not

I'm sick of it.
When I love him, he doesn't love me.
When he loves me, I feel differently.
Can it never match? The person and the feeling?
This whole dog chasing his tail thing is absurd!
And when I want him, I want him bad.
Strangely it works both ways too.
When I don't want him, I mean business.

Love still eludes. Someone asked me today how I interpreted love. I said, "It doesn't come easy, and neither does it leave easy."


neha_m1 said...

Such is life...... (:
" it really does not come easy.....and neither does it leave easy"


theloveunknown said...

Love is elusive. you think but it's only lust. and you're sure it isn't there, but your heart beats faster.

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