Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holier than thou

Yes I'm angry.
And why shouldn't I be?
I'm a normal person, with myriad shortcomings and defects. I don't pretend to be perfect.
But, did you know it's a crime? To be normal? In the books of the morally superior?
Stuck under the holy microscope, every slip of conduct is apparent and magnified; there is no escape. Or forgiveness.

And then they go on and stick needles into your flesh to make you realise and repent. Their purpose of life is to keep others from leaving the path of goodness and godliness. God himself has appointed these shepherds, presenting them special traits like paranoia, obsessiveness and a rule book for a mind.

Woe be to him who crosses their path, for he shall be shot down by the arrow of virtue.
These 'shepherds' should establish churches of their own to satisfy their love for the pulpit and goody talk. May they rise to heaven and get the better berths than the common people.
I don't need your cold breath stinking down my neck everytime I open my mouth or raise my fingers in action.

Stay far from my lane or I'll hold up a mirror to you.


blissmuse said...

Dear Ragini,

I saw no alternative way to contact you, so forgive me, but you are using an image of my artwork without my permission. While I appreciate your desire to use imagery along with your writings, I would ask that you remove it immediately from your blog.

The original black and white drawing of the hands with a rosary is posted on several of my promotion and portfolio sites from which you must have copied it.

It subject to copyright laws and at this time I only offer usages, with permission, to non profit organizations or those offering healing/wellness services.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. Good luck to you.

Ragini said...

Dear Blissmuse. I just read your message not having accessed my blog in a long time. I found this image on the net and simply used it to illustrate the meaning of my words. Forgive me if this has offended you in any way. I will remove the minute I access my computer. Am on my phone just now. Thanks and all the best.

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