Thursday, August 07, 2008

Reading My Blog

I've written this?


I wonder what happened then

What inspired me to whip around such words

And splash them on the black canvas.

It's fun to go back and read again

To relive, recall and remember

Delightful alliteration!

Sometimes I cannot believe I wrote this

I may find it better now than I did then,

Or worse.

When I check comments, there are more from me than anyone else.



Maryann said...

You know Ragini I do that all the time, read and re read old blog posts of my own and wonder what made me write them. Some of them seem brilliant even to me..well I'll shed my modesty for a bit :-) Yet some on the other hand seem crappy yet I dont have the heart to delete them. So you keep writing ok because I'll keep reading and posting my comments :-)

push said...

i find that i feel the same things again. and again. one big bloody circle.

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