Friday, December 28, 2007


Waiteth I for them so long,
Has anyone ever watched with an eye so keen,
To see the faintest sign of me?
To hear the ringing of my voice?
To smell my footsteps marching nearer?
My eye waters,
At the thought of being forgotten,
Forgotten as they live their happy existence,
Without me.

Do I wait or just flee?
Will they come back for me?
Will they remember my face and hasten their footsteps?
The way my heart beats faster when I see a shadow and think it's them?
I still wait.

A lone dog came over to sniff at my loneliness,
I fed him a biscuit,
Atleast someone is happy today,
Weary of the journey that took me to get here,
I wonder if it was futile,
Never have I been waited for,
I still wait, even as the white space runs out.

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